Before registering your trademark, a thorough search must be done in order to determine whether another entity or business in your industry has registered a confusingly similar mark. Ross & Asmar will conduct a thorough trademark search to determine whether there are any other entities using your proposed trademark. If we find a potential conflict, we will then do an assessment to determine whether there is an actual conflict between your proposed trademark and an outstanding mark that could be grounds for trademark infringement. Our attorneys will then advise you on multiple courses of action and deliver the risks of each position. Together we will then decide on what the best course of action is for you.


Federal registration of your company's trademark gives it nationwide protection against infringers. Ross & Asmar has extensive experience preparing and filing trademark registrations. We will work with you to determine what classes of goods or services are best for your business to file trademark registrations.


The attorneys at Ross & Asmar are experienced in various areas of trademark litigation. When your trademark is in jeopardy because someone else is using it, we will take the appropriate action. We draft cease and desist letters to infringers, file and draft petitions to cancel if someone has registered the mark you had previously obtained rights in, and also litigate trademark infringement and unfair competition lawsuits.