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Having the right legal representation is essential for giving you the best chance possible at getting the outcome you need in any legal situation. Ross & Asmar has been serving the people of New York with a wide range of expert legal services. We specialize in criminal defense, divorce, immigration, and other areas of law. Whatever situation you are in, let us help you by providing you with a top rated attorney to handle your case.

We have represented clients in all NYC courts, for just about any type of case you can imagine. While every case is unique, we bring the same level of dedication and passion to every client, no matter their situation.

Criminal Defense, Divorce Cases, Immigration Cases,


Steven Ross

Mr. Ross is an experienced trial lawyer. He has tried numerous cases and won acquittals and secured dismissals on behalf of numerous clients.

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Roger Asmar

Roger Asmar is a partner at Ross &. Asmar. His litigation practice focuses on complex criminal cases, Immigration/Deportation matters and in Matrimonial litigation cases, including trial.

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