In even the most successful of businesses, issues can arise between either partners or between shareholders and directors or management. Often times, complications can come about years after the business has begun and the operating agreement has been signed. Ross & Asmar has extensive business litigation and alternative dispute resolution experience in resolving complex partnership and shareholder disputes. The firm has vast experience litigating a variety of partnership and shareholder claims, including breach of partnership, corporate, and LLC operating agreements; minority shareholder oppression claims (freeze-outs, squeeze-outs); breach of fiduciary duty; and dissolution of business entities.


A lawsuit for tortious interference is brought when an individual or business entity causes harm by intentionally 1) disrupting a contractual relationship, for example by preventing one party from delivering goods on time, or 2) harming a business relationship or activity, for example, by spreading lies about a competitor to one of its clients. If your business is being interfered with or one of your economic relationships is being blocked, you may have a claim for tortious interference.

You must prove two elements to win a suit for tortious interference:

  • A tangible economic impact: in the loss of established customers or suppliers; loss of new prospects; a corresponding decline in present or future revenue or profits; and
  • A wrongful act: a false representation, defamation (libel or slander), or other intentional act of sabotage or fraud.

Ross & Asmar LLC has extensive experience in litigating and resolving tortious interference claims. We have the ability to assess the likelihood of success of your claim against any client and advise you on the best course of action.